Privacy Policy

Any information sought by us at is solely to understand your needs and offer you the best products. You can be rest assured of the privacy of your info.

Our website is always kept abreast of any changes in the privacy policy.

Consent of users

All users of our website provide consent to the use of personal datafor the purpose mentioned in this policy. We restrict the exposure of the information only to our employees, contractors and agents. It is provided on need to know basis including, but not limited to, order processing, delivery and collection of product feedback.

Orange Packets may use software tools and applications for analytics of website traffic and toobtain statistics to determine the effectiveness of its marketing and advertisement initiatives.

Orange Packets may use display advertising and remarketing through Google Analytics, AdWords, Adroll, Facebook and affiliate networks, where in third party vendors including Google, Facebook, Adroll and our affiliate networks display our ads on sites across the internet and usefirst party cookies and third-party cookies together to inform, optimise and serve ads based on visits to our website. Our visitors are free to opt out of Google Analytics for display advertising and customise google display network ads using ads preference manager and using ad blockers.

The user may withdraw the consent of usage anytime by writing to us at

Consent for the use of Cookies:

Cookies are small text files that uniquely recognize your browser.When one visits the website, cookies may remain in the computer. The cookies assigned by the servers of Orange Packets may be used to enhance and personalize your experience on the website. Additionally, cookies may also be used for authentication, data analysis and security purposes.

Cookies are also assigned by the marketers of Orange Packets when you click on any of the marketing material which may be displayed on the website, in which case such cookies are controlled by these advertisers and not Orange Packets.

Email communication content:

When you register your email address with Orange Packets, you give a consent to receive email communication from Orange Packets or the entities/third parties specifically authorised by Orange Packets and other users. You also agree and acknowledge that when you use our referral program for referring someone, Orange Packets will send emails to such persons recommended by you on your behalf and the email headers will contain your email address as the address from which such emails are sent.

Choices that you have about our Marketing and Tracking Tools:

You can opt out of our marketing messages by writing to us at

You can exercise control on cookies and tracking tools. You have other controls you can exercise. If you decide not to share, some parts of our sites and some services may be more difficult or not possible to use. If you turn off cookies or tracking tools, parts of our site and services may also not work properly.

Orange Packets uses standard security measures

On our website and software applications, we use standard security measures. As a matter of fact, the internet is a public place and we suggest you to use caution when sharing information. Create secure passwords and do not share them with others.

Age bar for the use of site

Our website is not designed for children below the age of thirteen years.

For any other queries, please reach us at We are happy to help!