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Health and taste in a convenient package

I bought the Orange Packets Apple Cider vinegar on the recommendation of a friend who is dietician. He said that this is the easiest way to get a nutritious drink at any time, even when travelling. The taste is tangy and slightly sweet. After drinking you get a very satisfied feeling. I have now used for 2 days I can tell the impact it makes on my digestive system. I feel light, less hungry and more energetic. I strongly recommend that everyone should consume Orange Packet Apple Cider Vinegar...

- Sanjeev Malhotra

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Fabulous Product

Good Apple Cidar Vinegar drink from Tablet. Like the taste and my hunger is less for food. My Sugar levels are down by 20 points in the morning

- Brij Bhushan

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A good alternative to regular vinegar

Have been trying regular liquid apple cider for some time as it helps with digestion a lot. Tried this option now. Was apprehensive first, but it does seem to work. And of course, it’s delicious against the bad flavour of the regular liquid. Though it’s always better to have a balanced diet, one can’t help but take to these supplements with the lack of good diet patterns in modern life.

- Gaurav

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My Skin has revived

The L-Glutathione and NAC based effervescent of Orange Packets has done wonders to my skin. I could feel the difference after 2 weeks. Now after 45 days of using it, my skin is brighter and I look much younger.

- Meenu Gupta

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Excellent Product, must try

Orange Packets effervescents of Apple Cider Vinegar are a part of my home gym routine. I take it after the workout. It refreshes me. The drink turns out to be cheaper than other hydration drinks that are available. One thing I noticed - the color of tablets changed as I kept the bottle open. Do not do that as certain compounds may be undergoing oxidation when exposed to air.

- Lokesh Chaudhary

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Vitamin C effervescent is so convenient

I consume vitamin C on daily basis due to my immunity issues. I wanted something Natural. I am using Amla based Vitamin C of Orange packets now. It’s working better than the pills that I was consuming and It’s so tasty and convenient.

- Gautam Mahajan

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Great product

Good for health. This Apple Cider Vinegar tablets are working for me. I do not have bloating issues anymore. I take it in morning in 200 ml water. It's quite tasty and has zero sugar. The outer box was slightly damaged. Otherwise it's a good product.

- Anoop Kumar Yadav

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Good for runners

I am a runner and a foodie too. To control my appetite, I was taking Apple Cider Vinegar liquid. Recently I switched to these Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets. They not only help me in controlling my appetite but also help me hydrate myself before my marathon run. They are so easy to carry. They are in my bag always. I just need water to get my drink anywhere ready within one minute. I like the sweet and sour taste of the drink. Overall, it's a good product packaged in a air tight container.

- Sanjay

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I love my hair now

After taking effervescent of Biotin with other hair and Nails Vitamins, my hair fall issues are not there. It has been 3rd month of consumption. My hair look thick and lustrous.

- Saumya Gupta

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Convenient, effective and useful!!

Orange packets are packets of energy boosters in your pockets. Very easy to carry, use and benefit from. I am an entrepreneur and need to be on my toes most of the time. Multiple tasks with timelines demands that I relaxed but alert and agile all the time. Apple vinegar effervescent tablets are helpful for people on the move and who want that extra boost to keep going!!

- D. Vinod